How to install and use two whatsapp apps in one phone

Hi Friends! Are you stuck in an unfortunate situation that how to introduce two whatsapp applications in a portable. Try not to stress I will take care of your issue today. The technique for introducing two whatsapp records is extremely straightforward. There are extremely strategies for introducing two whatsapp applications in one telephone. Above all else we attempt to comprehend that in what manner can two whatsapp accounts work in one telephone. Folks, for utilizing two whatsapp accounts, you need to introduce an authority whatsapp ambassador and an outsider whatsapp application. There are numerous outsider applications by which you can utilize two whatsapp accounts. GB whatsapp, Disa application, lines for whatsapp are some outsider applications to run two whatsapp accounts in one telephone. I am depicting all techniques in detail. Tail them

By Using GB Whatsapp

GB whatsapp is the best strategy to utilize two whatsapp applications. I additionally utilize GB whatsapp and it works flawlessly with no blunder. Give us a chance to comprehend about GB whatsapp

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB whatsapp is an other outsider application of whatsapp. It is an adjusted application of authority whatsapp delivery person and has numerous a bigger number of components than whatsapp. In GB whatsapp there is no restriction of status posting and numerous more components like this. So first we talk about its elements.

Elements of GB whatsapp

1. No point of confinement of words on posting status.

2. HD picture sharing and HD video calling.

3. All elements of authority whatsapp dispatcher.

4. Looking more cool than authority whatsapp.

5. No boycott by authority whatsapp servers. Use with opportunity.

You have as of now observed its elements. Presently lets see how to introduce it

1. First of all download GB whatsapp application from underneath catch.

2. After download, introduce it in your android telephone.

3. After effectively introduced, open it and confirm your versatile number (same as whatsapp).

4. Enjoy two whatsapp accounts with no trouble.

By utilizing Disa application

There is another application discharged on web named disa application which is a whatsapp exchange application. This strategy is new and great technique. Disa application works like a whatsapp application and has numerous same elements. So lets think about Disa application

What is Disa application?

Disa is a social dispatcher application for android telephone. You can include and deal with various social records like facebook and whatsapp. Lets think about Disa application highlights

Elements of Disa application

1. Manage your numerous social records like facebook, whatsapp and so on.

2. Gives all elements of your extra social application.

3. It is a legitimate application and utilize it hasslefree.

Step by step instructions to utilize Disa application for different whatsapp accounts

1. Download Disa application from beneath catch.

2. After download disa application, introduce it in your versatile.

3. After effectively introduced open it and include whatsapp account.

4. Now open whatsapp account and ve

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